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Welcome HOME

Whether you are new to The River's Edge Church, or a regular family member, we WELCOME you to our home.  We are so grateful and thankful that the Lord has brought us together, and we cannot wait to worship and fellowship with you.

WHAT TO KNOW: Currently, we have Sunday morning services at 9:30 am. Every first and third Sunday of the month children are welcome to attend Amazing River Kids and the second and Fourth Sunday of every month teenagers are welcome to join Heavens Infused Teens.

WHAT TO EXPECT: We are fully open and no longer social distancing. Feel free to continue social distancing or wearing a mask if you would like too. These items are no longer mandatory. 


WHAT IT'S LIKE: It's like a warm hug from your family! Our sanctuary seats about 300, and we have comfortable chairs. There is no certain way to dress besides being comfortable! The worship is a mixture of contemporary, hymnal, and Spirit-led songs. The preaching is biblical and prophetic, led by Pastor Doug Hefley. If you request prayer, you can receive prayer from the pastor or an elder after the service.


OUR LOCATION: We are located in a business park area, and the outside of our building looks like a warehouse. General parking is located at the rear end of the building, with additional parking on the street.

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